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1. Reasons for liking AFI : They have changed my entire life completly around

 2. Favorite AFI member : i cant choose.. but i guess it would be davey

 3. AFI lyric that best describes you : - Am i your anything?-  

 4. Favorite AFI song :6 to 8

5. Least favorite AFI song : is there such thing?

 6. Favorite Jade quote : "Davey can be quite the demon in the sack ;)"

7. Favorite Davey hairstyle : long and wavery

 8. Favorite Hunter facial expression : the one where he is compared to a cat

 9. Is Adam a pirate? : If adam wants to be a pirate then he can be

10. Favorite picture of any member(s) :

11. Favorite CD :  Art of Drowning

12. in only words ( not sentences ) describe afi to you : amazing, beautiful, talented, best, heaven, ( there are so many more)


so yah thats it <3

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