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1. Reasons for liking AFI : They are awsome, everything about them makes me happy. They are like a self-therapy to me.
2. Favorite AFI member : Adam
3. AFI lyric that best describes you : I can't help my laughter as they cry
4. Favorite AFI song : smile
5. Least favorite AFI song : none, they are all awsome
6. Favorite Jade quote : "can't the lemons and the pancakes just get along"
7. Favorite Davey hairstyle : the one with his bangs down his of drowning era...awsome hair
8. Favorite Hunter facial expression : oh god, hard to pick
9. Is Adam a pirate? : yes, the best pirate in the god damn world
10. Favorite picture of any member(s) : a lot
11. Favorite CD : the art of drowning/black sails in the sunset
12. in only words ( not sentences ) describe afi to you : aswome, important, great, talented, kickass
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so all you do is talk about afi?