</3 (riotcity) wrote in ahottyinside,

hey i finally got a picture of mee

1. Reasons for liking AFI : their fucking awsome. their my life.
2. Favorite AFI member : either davey or jade.
3. AFI lyric that best describes you : overwhelmed with a deep repulsion for sights seen so commonly, now i have come to be the walking enmity.
4. Favorite AFI song : too hard to dicide.
5. Least favorite AFI song : i dont have one.
6. Favorite Jade quote : "Davey doesn't watch the damn road when he's driving.I'm sure if we crashed he would be fine and I would be imbedded in a tree.If he ever kills me with his driving though,I'm gonna come back as a squirrel and run up his pant leg."
7. Favorite Davey hairstyle : i love them all
8. Favorite Hunter facial expression : i dont have a picture of it. and i cant discribe it.
9. Is Adam a pirate? : yeah
10. Favorite picture of any member(s) :
11. Favorite CD : art of drowning
12. in only words ( not sentences ) describe afi to you : amazing. my life.

and um a picture of me. sorry if i scare you.
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