Kyle (killee) wrote in ahottyinside,

Err umm
1. Reasons for liking AFI : There are none
2. Favorite AFI member : Next please
3. AFI lyric that best describes you : Oh god I hope none
4. Favorite AFI song : That know, that sounds like all the others?
5. Least favorite AFI song : *cough* Most
6. Favorite Jade quote : Jade?
7. Favorite Davey hairstyle : Davey?
8. Favorite Hunter facial expression : Hunter?
9. Is Adam a pirate? : Hell fucking no. Pirates are cool. Like Minus the Bear.
10. Favorite picture of any member(s) : Anything that doesn't show them.
11. Favorite CD : Radiohead, Kid A
12. in only words ( not sentences ) describe afi to you. Pig, shit, corporate written trendy bullshit, a fire inside? haha, oh the days they used to be at least decent. When they wrote for themselves.
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