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ahottyinside's Journal

girl's not grey faced..
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All Members , Moderated
A Hotty Inside is a rating community for AFI fans only!

this is a normal afi community. we are merely poking fun at rating communities. we have just decided to have people sign up to get in.. we don't want morons in here now do we?

rules :

1. you MUST be an afi fan.
2. rude comments are allowed, but do not get out of control.
3. no rude comments to the wonderful wonderful mods.
4. you MUST post at least 2 pictures.
5. you MUST fill out the application, no exceptions.
6. use an LJ cut.
7. the majority rules.
8. accepted users get an lj icon instead of just an image.. you must wear this icon when posting/commenting.
9.have fun!

Moderators :



1. Reasons for liking AFI :
2. Favorite AFI member :
3. AFI lyric that best describes you :
4. Favorite AFI song :
5. Least favorite AFI song :
6. Favorite Jade quote :
7. Favorite Davey hairstyle :
8. Favorite Hunter facial expression :
9. Is Adam a pirate? :
10. Favorite picture of any member(s) :
11. Favorite CD :
12. in only words ( not sentences ) describe afi to you :

please notice rule number 8.

example :

if you are rejected, you MUST leave the community..

example :